Agenti immobiliari SIVA - agenzia immobiliare Ravenna

With a strong experience of three generations since 1920, we are present in the real estate market as Siva for more that 20 years. During this period we have reached an high level of experience which is one of our most valuable skills.

We are able to satisfy the needs of clients from all over Italy with a special attention for certain locations such as the territory of the province of Ravenna and the touristic market of the Riviera Romagnola.


We are a specialized team of real estate agents

We put passion in our work and we do it seriously

We provide high quality services
We really listen to your needs
We optimize your time
years of experience
satisfied clients
web and social networks promotions


The client is the focusing point of our job, its satisfaction is our best reward.

We know that the house signifies more than a propriety: it is the place that contains dreams, feelings, the essence of who lives in it.

For this reason everyone has its own needs and expectations. It’s also for this reason that our team conducts every operations in a personalized way and we help the client to sell, buy or rent property, knowing the value of the economic and of the emotional side that the operation requires.

In order to satisfy our clients as much as we can, in terms of results and time, we use the classic trading techniques but also advanced technology and innovative communications techniques such as: specialist magazines and national portals and also social networks. Always keeping our basics values: proficiency, quality, stability, reliability and transparency. We are proud of what we have achieved, for this reason everyday we are motivated to put more effort on what we do in order to have a bigger number of people seeing their house dream come true.


  • Real estate ratings of any kind based on the current market price
  • Establishment and monitoring of the paperworks needed
  • Detailed control of issues and concerns of the clients with related solutions
  • Complete proceedings management of sales/rentals with all the contract steps in order to achieve the client’s goal
  • Division dedicated to the location, both residential and commercial, in order to handle all types of contracts
  • Fiscal, legal, technical and notarized consultation by primary professionals
  • Informative constantly updated for fundings and mortgages

New service: Property Finder

We define together your goals and then we go purchase your house!

Our best success is your satisfaction!


Ivano Venturini - SIVA agenzie immobiliari Ravenna

Ivano Venturini

Melissa Fabbri - venditore immobiliare agenzia SIVA Ravenna

Melissa Fabbri

Gianni Massoli - agente immobiliare SIVA Ravenna

Gianni Massoli

Gabriella Benini - agente immobiliare agenzia SIVA Ravenna

Gabriella Benini